Promotional Apparel – Events / Giveaways / Corporate Apparel

If you’re interested in growing your business and want your presence to be heard in the marketplace, distributing products emblazoned with your company name or logo is a great idea. For example, you can order a dozen or two plain polo shirts with your company logo embroidered on the front.

Give them to your customers as giveaways on your opening day or at your next event. While your customers enjoy their new shirts, you reap the rewards of free advertising. Take note that you do not need to invest in designer polo shirts. Polo shirts from Antunez Enterprises are high quality, budget-friendly alternatives that are designed to minimize your advertising expenses.

Services for Everyone…

Screen printing and embroidery services are not just for large corporations.  In fact, families, nonprofits, schools, and small businesses can use this service to customize t-shirts and a variety of other promotional items including pens, mugs, and similar accessories. Unlike other companies, Antunez Enterprises offers in-house digitizing and a wide selection of apparel where  you can order directly from us!

If you have a logo, message, or design, you can have it easily digitized without the hassle of seeking for another company.  These are great for corporate functions, sales teams, trade shows, and team-building activities.  In addition, screen printed apparel can be given to clients, colleagues and friends to help expand the reach of your brand.  Nonprofits, schools, and civic organizations can embroider clothing, hats and other accessories and use them as promotional giveaways, as fundraisers, and as gifts for volunteers. Families that are planning special events – including family reunions, birthday celebrations, and more – can customize clothing for these unique occasions.

The History and Process of Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a process that uses an overlay of mesh stencil and ink to transfer design onto fabric, paper, and other types of materials. Ink is sprayed or smoothed over the mesh overlay and then wiped off; the mesh is removed to reveal the design beneath. Screen printing, in one form or another, has been around for a several hundred years, starting in China. Today, the process is easier and more versatile, which allows for a wide variety of products and surfaces to be printed upon.